White Collar Crime

Our team works in a customized way, aligning the best and most innovative practices of criminal and procedural defense, with an interdisciplinary strategic approach.

The complexity of the issues related to the contemporary criminal law requires the defenses to go deep into related areas. Having this in mind, our team seeks to combine the technique and experience of approximately 20 years of practice in the corporate criminal area, with the well-structured and qualified full-service team of the firm.

Based on this model, focusing on what is most effective, we serve individuals and corporations in highly complex issues in the areas of defensive litigation, prosecution assistance and consultancy. In addition, we highlight the effective performance in the State, Federal and Superior Courts.

Our work model seeks to treat the problems of our clients with due empathy and proximity, exercising quality professional activity in crimes related to the following topics:

• Public administration;
• Competitive and Popular Economy;
• International cooperation;
• Bankruptcy Crimes;
• Digital Law and Telecommunications;
• Electoral;
• Public Faith (falsities);
• Corporate Fraud and Patrimony;
• Safety and Public Health;
• Money Laundering and National Financial System;
• Individual Freedom and Honor;
• Bidding;
• Environment;
• Capital markets;
• Tax and Social Security Order;
• Organization of Work;
• Public Peace (criminal organization and criminal associations related to Corporate Criminal Law);
• Intangible Property;
• Consumer Relations.

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