Denise Junqueira
Partner | International Trade Law; Competition & Antitrust Law +55 (11) 3165-3005


Denise Junqueira is a licensed attorney in São Paulo and New York.

Her experience includes several complex merger control cases, negotiation of remedies and multi-jurisdictional transactions across various industries such as telecommunication, transportation, banking, pharmaceutical, food/beverage and energy.

Denise assists clients with the design and implementation of tailored compliance programs and represents them in anti-competitive practices investigations, including abuse of dominance and cartel. She also advises clients on competitor collaborations, exchange of competitively sensitive information, merger compliance, distribution arrangements and vertical restraints.

Denise serves several foreign clients leveraging from her 5-year experience in the U.S., including positions at the U.S. Government (FTC), academia (NYU Law School), law firm and consulting firm.

Moreover, Denise Junqueira has extensive experience in trade matters representing clients before the Brazilian Foreign Trade Chamber. Denise advises clients in feasibility and risk analyses, as well as in investigations for the imposition of trade remedies, including antidumping, safeguards and countervailing duties. Additionally, she assists national manufacturers, importers, exporters, and any other parties intent on seeking and defending their interests before the Brazilian Foreign Trade Chamber in every stage of the investigation, from drafting change proposals to responding to the questionnaires sent out by the Subsecretariat for Commercial Defense and Public Interest.


Denise Junqueira received her Bachelor of Law from PUC (2004), Bachelor of Economics from USP (2009) and LL.M. in Trade Regulation from NYU Law School (2010).


Leaders League and Legal 500.


Denise has authored numerous articles on antitrust law in both American and Brazilian publications.