Our Contracts team is experienced in assisting national and international clients in a wide range of contracts. We are constantly involved throughout relevant moments of the formation, performance and resolution of conflicts of important contracts. In the formation of agreements, we assist clients in the negotiation of term sheets, memorandums of understandings and final documents. During the performance of the rights and obligations of contracts, we assist clients in legal issues and negotiations. Finally, we also help clients with contract related disputes.

Our Contacts team works closely with other areas of practice, always taking into consideration other important legal aspects, such as taxation, competition and compliance.

Among some of the typical contracts covered by our practice, we can mention:

  • Sale and purchase of assets and real estate properties;
  • Collateral and security agreements in general;
  • Banking and financial contracts;
  • Franchise and sales representation contracts;
  • Construction, built to suit, EPC and other construction related agreements; and
  • Sale and purchase of goods in general.