Financial Markets

Our Financial Markets team is recognized for its superior technical quality, experience and in-depth market knowledge.

We advise our clients on transactions in the financial market, including domestic and cross-border banking operations, structured credit operations and debt restructurings. We also have outstanding performance in matters involving consulting in banking and foreign exchange regulation, payment regulation, financial innovation, compliance and authorization processes of financial and other regulated institutions.

With a highly specialized team completely dedicated to the industry, we have built a remarkable track record, having participated in some of the largest operations in the market. Our diversified experience and customer base allow us to advise masterfully any type of financial transaction in all sectors of the economy.

Among our main services, we highlight:

  • Domestic or cross-border loan operations;
  • Structured credit operations;
  • Financial operations related to foreign trade;
  • Debt restructuring operations;
  • Financing operations of various sectors of the economy;
  • Operations with BNDES and with regional development banks;
  • Operations with multilateral organizations and export promotion agencies;
  • Derivative contracts;
  • Public placement of securities in Brazil and abroad;
  • Securitization;
  • Investment funds and resource management;
  • Authorization for the operation of financial institutions and payment institutions;
  • Administrative processes in the Central Bank of Brazil and in the Resources Council of the National Financial System;
  • Intervention and liquidation processes of financial institutions;
  • Registration of foreign capital;
  • Regulation of the foreign exchange market;
  • Banking regulations;
  • Regulation of means of payment; and
  • Structuring of innovative financial products and services.