Real Estate

Our Real Estate team offers a complete and accurate analysis of the possible legal structures for the development of our clients’ real estate projects. We have experienced professionals in a multidisciplinary team who offer sophisticated and agile solutions for real estate investments, direct or indirect, as well as aspects related to the development, financing and management of these assets.

We advise our clients by carefully evaluating opportunities and risks involved in new ventures and offering flexible and intelligent legal solutions that support the efficient management of their business.

We understand the legal and regulatory challenges of the industry and are ready to offer state-of-the-art legal services throughout the entire real estate business chain. Among our areas of expertise, we highlight:

  • Rural and urban real estate operations;
  • Buy and selling of properties;
  • Real estate guarantees, such as mortgages and fiduciary dispositions;
  • Real estate audits;
  • Mergers, dismemberments, condominium institution and allotments;
  • Contracts for planning, construction and real estate management;
  • Creation of real estate investment funds;
  • Securitization of real estate receivables, through Real Estate Receivables Certificates (CRI);
  • Financing operations;
  • Commercial and Built to Suit Rental Agreements;
  • Sale and leaseback operations
  • Legal advice in disputes involving real estate in administrative and judicial proceedings;
  • Real estate aspects of industrial and business projects, with special attention to administrative, fiscal and environmental issues; and
  • M&As involving real estate and Shopping Center companies.