Capital Markets

Our Capital Markets team has decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of the Brazilian market, having acted in the most varied and complex operations and has been actively involved in the discussions that guided the main regulatory milestones in the sector.

We represent the main national and international financial institutions, public and private companies, investment funds, fund managers and investors and provide services with highly technical qualification, agility, precision and efficiency.

We are among the most active Brazilian law firms in debt operations. Our main services include, for example, legal advice on structuring, public and private issuance and renegotiation of debt securities such as:

  • Bonds (Debentures);
  • Infrastructure bonds;
  • Commercial Papers;
  • Agribusiness Receivables Certificates – CRA;
  • Certificates of Real Estate Receivables – CRI;
  • Financial Letters; and
  • Guaranteed Real Estate Letters.

In addition, our highly specialized services include assistance in the constitution and offering of open and closed investment fund quotas, including advice on structured funds, such as:

  • Investment Funds regulated by CVM Instruction 555/2014;
  • Investment Funds in Participation – FIPs;
  • Credit Rights Investment Funds – FIDC;
  • Credit Rights Investment Funds – FIDC – Non-Standardized; and
  • Real Estate Investment Funds – FII.

Our full service capability also allows us to count on the support of several practices of the firm, such as banking and finance, corporate, tax, labor, regulatory, real estate, contracts, compliance and litigation, in order to globally assess every operation and related risks, ensuring the legal security necessary for our customers and the market. In this sense, we offer:

  • Due diligence;
  • Registering and deregistering as a publicly held company;
  • Advice on the regulations applicable to publicly-held companies and on corporate governance issues;
  • Reference forms, relevant acts and facts, among other documents;
  • Offerings for public distribution (IPOs and follow-ons);
  • Tender offers (OPAs);
  • Offerings of other securities in the Brazilian and international capital markets;
  • M&As involving publicly-held companies;
  • Administrative proceedings before CVM; and
  • Representation of companies and investors in general assemblies.