Technology, Innovation and Data Protection

We advise our clients on the development of new products and services (especially in the virtual environment), compliance with data protection regulation and administrative and civil representation, as applicable.

With a highly specialized and multidisciplinary team, we built a relevant track record, operating with participants of a variety of different sectors, including retail, e-commerce and technology companies. Our experience and diversified client portfolio permit consulting efficiently and technically any type of demand which involves technology, innovation and data protection.

Among our main services, we highlight:
• Preparation and review of policies and other internal documents (Cybersecurity Policy, Data Privacy Policy, among others);
• Preparation and review of agreements, terms of services and other documents that rule the commercial relationship between the enterprise (data processor) and customer (data owner);
• Trainings and preparation of educational materials regarding information security and data protection;
• Prevention and management of data leaks;
• Assistance with the creation of products and services in compliance with data protection regulation (privacy by design);
• Compliance with cybersecurity and data protection regulation;
• Cloud computing and data center;
• Compliance of international data transfer with the Brazilian legislation;
• Marketplaces and e-commerce, including data processing and consumer protection rules on online business;
• Internet service providers (ISP);
• Development and licensing of software;
• Interface with public authorities; and
• Assistance with administrative and civil litigation.