Restructuring & Insolvency

Our Restructuring & Insolvency practice provides services to domestic and international clients, of all industry sectors, in insolvency and debt restructuring cases, both in Brazil and abroad.

Our multidisciplinary team can assist clients in complex and delicate cases, involving many skills and fields of expertise. Our attorneys have an excellent background and a deep academic and practical knowledge. The thickness of our expertise was molded not only in reputable postgraduate courses and in innovative researches, but also in the award-winning practice in some of the largest and most complex restructuring cases in the last decade. Our know-how makes the whole difference when aiding clients on strategic and decisive matters and for defending their interests, as it allows us to be quick, accurate and efficient on sensitive issues. The combined efforts of our teams allow us to deliver works of any size and complexity, to handle specific issues on detail, and to develop unique and innovative ideas.

Our practice is diversified and resourceful. Our experience and expertise do not prevent us from handling each case and client as if it were the last, from paying attention to every detail, from understanding individual needs, and from thinking of intelligent and customized solutions. Our services include the following:

  • Assisting on planning, drafting and implementing strategies on matters involving debt restructurings, insolvencies, pre-packaged and court-supervised reorganizations, and bankruptcy liquidations, including on the representation in court proceedings and in creditors’ meetings;
  • Assisting on the preservation and recovery of credits, and on representation in enforcement measures;
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements involving multiple parties, including restructuring workout agreements, collateral agreements, plans of reorganization, and pre-packaged plans of reorganization;
  • Assisting on planning, structuring, assessing risk, and implementing of alternatives for:
    • acquisition of distressed companies or assets;
    • acquisition of claims against debtor companies;
    • restructuring of companies, including by means of debt-to-equity swaps;
    • concession and renegotiation of loans, guarantees and security interests, and other forms of financing of companies in distress.