Corporate Disputes

Acting in cooperation with our Litigation team, we provide state-of-the-art strategic advice on corporate disputes at pre-litigation and litigation stages, whether before administrative or arbitration courts. We seek sophisticated and efficient solutions for solving corporate disputes involving conflicts between minority and majority shareholders, abuse of controlling power, corporate governance, internal board of directors’ rules, administrative and audit councils and other related matters.

Our highly qualified team has business acumen and the ability to anticipate problems and the next moves of the other side, as well as a systemic vision of organizations, partners, investors and other stakeholders of a business entity, ensuring a successful performance that guarantees our clients’ best interest.

We have extensive experience in state and federal courts and in the main mediation and arbitration chambers in Brazil and abroad. A senior partner is always overseeing and monitoring the disputes. Our goal is to bring fast results and avoid the distress associated with corporate disputes that can bring deep emotional strain and high costs.

Among the main subjects we deal with, we highlight the following:

  • Disagreements between partners;
  • Breakdowns in business relationships;
  • Unexpected successions;
  • Unfair or parasitic competition;
  • Use of assets for personal benefit;
  • Fraud and
  • Determination of assets and valuation.